Tea: Natursan Bio Organic Tea Bags (20 per box)

Natursan Bio Tea Bag Collection
Natsursan Bio is Organic whole leaf teas, blends and infusions using only natural flavours in clear biodegradable fabric tea pouches in 100% recyclable box.

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Natursan Bio Tea Bags -  Special Gunpowder Tea
Special Gunpowder
Green Tea
2-3 mins at 80 degrees
The most drunk green tea in the world, with tightly rolled leaves, combines the fresh taste and light aroma of a flowery meadow.  The poetic Chinese name is Zhu Cha, “Pearls of Tea”.
Natursan Bio Tea Bags - Lady Strawberry Tea
Lady Strawberry
Wild Strawberry Bancha Green Tea
2-3 mins at 80 degrees
The sweet scent of wild strawberries marries Bancha green tea, strawberry pieces and rose petals, in a fragrant and soft blend of low caffeine content.
Natursan BioTea Bags - Marrakech Mint Tea
Marrakech Mint Tea
Gunpowder Green Tea with Mint
2-3 mins at 80 degrees
Inspired by the traditional North Africa recipe, a blend of Special Gunpowder green tea and mint leaves, with sweet and intense fragrance of Moroccan “Naa-Naa” mint.  Good for relieving upset tummy and nausea.
Natursan Bio Tea Bags - Docce Camilla Tea
Dolce Camilla
Camomile Herbal Tea
2-3 mins at 90 degrees
Matricaria Chamomilla with its delicate and sweet taste, was already appreciated by ancient Greeks and Romans for its soothing and calming properties.  Whole Camomile flowers.
Natursan Bio Tea Bags - Rosso Africa
Rosso Africa
Fruit Tea
5 mins at 90 degrees
A citrusy creation made up of South African Rooibos.  Naturally caffeine free high in vitamin C with antioxidant properties.
Natursan Bio Tea Bags - Blueberry Nights Tea
Blueberry Nights
Fruit Tea
5 mins at 90 degrees
A fragrant blend of hibiscus flowers, hip rose and wild berries, strong and full bodied.  This fruit tea is caffeine free and great at any time of the day.
Natursan Bio Tea Bags - Orange Sunset Tea
Orange Sunset
Fruit Tea
5 mins at 90 degrees
A natural flavour of orange, vanilla and cinnamon harmonizes this blend of hibiscus flowers, hip rose and dehydrated fruit, caffeine free.
Natursan Bio Tea Bags - Earl Grey No.7 Tea
Earl Grey N.7
Naturally Flavoured Black Tea
3 mins at 90 degrees
Black tea scented with bergamot oil.  According to legend, it was a mandarin, whose life was saved by Charles 2nd Earl Grey, who invented the mixture and gave it the name in his honour.
Natursan Classic Tea Bags - Fennel and Liquorice Herb Infusion
Oriental Jasmine
Jasmine Green Tea
2-3 mins at 80 degrees
Jasmine Green Tea, is an ancient Chinese specialty with sweet and intense fragrance, obtained naturally by mixing the tea leaves with fresh flowers.

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