Tea: Herbal Wellness Cotton Handstitched Wellness Range of 12 Tea Bags

Herbal Wellness Collection
A range of 6 Wellness Herbal Tea blends in hand stitched cotton teabags, combining the practicality of a tea bag with quality whole leaf herbs.

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Herbal Wellness - Fennel and Licorice
Fennel and Licorice
A Fennel and Licorice mix to aid digestion - Fennel seeds, Licorice root.
Herbal Wellness - Tisana Body & Spirit
Tisana Body & Spirit
A relaxing mix with the sweet taste of cream - Hibiscus, Apple, Rosehip, Camomile flowers, Blackcurrant fruits, Apricot, Cardamon, Vervain leaves.
Herbal Wellness - Camomile
Gentle mixture of soothing Camomile flowers - whole Camomile flowers.
Herbal Wellness - Tisana Sweet Relax
Tisana Sweet Relax
Relax with the natural aroma of wild Strawberry essential oil - Apple, Camomile flowers, Rosehip, Vervain leaves.
Herbal Wellness - Tisana Purity
Tisana Purity
Detox your body with this herbal blend enriched by fresh Lemon. Natural flavour - Lemon balm, Vervain leaves, Sage, Lemongrass, Lemon rind, Redcurrant fruits, Marigold
Herbal Wellness - Tisana Energy
Tisana Energy
Rooibos, Guarana seeds, Rose buds, Ginger roots, Peach and Ginger For a dash of energy.