Tea: Filtrofoglia Colonial Wholeleaf handstiched cotton tea bags (100) for HoReCa only

Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 Collection
A selection of 14 types of infusion: classic teas, blends and herbal teas. The best crops, the masterful creations of tea blenders and the delicate herbal infusions displayed in wooden display case, on the buffet, on the bar counter, on the restaurant trolley or in the spa. Each blend is enclosed in a stay fresh aluminium sachet, with multilingual product description.

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Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 -  Special Gunpowder
Special Gunpowder
The most widely drank Chinese Green Tea in the world, combining a fresh, light flavour with its healthy properties.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Marrakech Mint Tea
Marrakech Mint Tea
Traditional blend of Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea and Nanah Moroccan Mint. Sweet aroma and full flavour.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Energy Herbal Tea
Energy Herbal Tea
Rooibos, Guarana seeds, Rose buds, Ginger roots, aroma of Peach and Ginger for a dash of energy.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Sweet Relax Herbal Tea
Sweet Relax Herbal Tea
A sweet blend of herbs suitable for the whole family. Excellent to encourage rest, it is enriched by natural wild Strawberry essential oil.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Darjeeling TGFOP
Darjeeling TGFOP
Indian black tea from Darjeeling area, literally “land of thunderbolts”. High grown, it is regarded as the champagne among teas.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Special Jasmine
Special Jasmine
A traditional Chinese speciality: Green tea, scented naturally with fresh jasmine flowers. Delicate flavour, sweet long lasting aroma.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Body and Spirit Herbal Tea
Body & Spirit Herbal Tea
The perfect blend for relaxation. Hibiscus, Apple, Rose hip, Chamomile, Black currant, Apricot, Cardamom, Verbena, with the sweet taste of cream.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Purity Herbal Tea
Purity Herbal Tea
Blend of herbs well known purifying properties, enriched by a fresh Lemon natural flavour.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Ceylon OP1
Ceylon OP1
Orange pekoe black tea from Ceylon, with soft and full taste. An elegant tea for afternoon or breakfast.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - English Breakfast
English Breakfast
Traditional blend of broken black teas, strong and full bodied.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Earl Grey Imperiale
Earl Grey Imperiale
High quality Darjeeling black tea enriched by the best Calabrian Bergamot. Full flavour, extremely fragrant fruity aroma.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Camomile
Whole flower heads of Matricaria Chamomil known since ancient times for its calming and soothing properties.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Bancha Fiorito
Bancha Fiorito
Highly fragrant blend of Japanese Green Tea and Chinese Jasmine Green Tea. Fruity, fresh longlasting aftertaste.
Filtrofoglia Colonial 100 - Fennel and Licorice
Fennel & Licorice
Fennel seeds with well known digestive properties along with Licorice root creates this mild, soft herbal blend.