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A journey to discover the quality and unique taste of single-origin loose leaf teas. 12 classics selected from the best crops of four top producing countries: China, India, Ceylon and Japan. 12 symbols, 12 stories, 12 absolute “lords” among teas.
La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Sencha
'The crowned crane'
The crowned crane or “tsuru” is considered a Japanese national symbol and treasure, as well as green tea Sencha which represents the 80% of all country’s tea production. The process involves the steaming of the leaves and buds to prevent the oxidation and then the rolling in the shape of emerald green pine needles. The result is a well-structured infusion with intense vegetal aroma and sweetish flavour with marine notes and velvety texture. SOLD OUT 
100G Tin
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La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Gyokuro
'Tears of jade'
The flowering of cherry blossoms – “sakura” in Japanese – reaches its peak between late March and early April, exactly when the plantations destined to processing Gyokuro are shaded with mats to increase the sweetness in tea. “Tears of jade” is one of the names of this amazing green tea, harvested only by hand in early spring. The overwhelming aroma is of flowery meadow and ocean; the flavour is round, soft and long-lasting sweet.
100G Tin
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La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Orange Pekoe OP1
Orange Pekoe OP1
Whole leaf black tea
Whole leaf black tea coming from the tropical island of Sri Lanka, whose symbol is the lion. Sri Lanka is one of the major producing countries in the world thanks to the mild climate that allows for nearly year-round harvesting. Ceylon teas are appreciated for the copper brew, the strong aroma with notes of wood and fruits and the full and balanced flavour. Despite its name, this tea does not contain orange flavour, “Orange Pekoe” being a term to grade it.
100G Tin
€14.50 Qty.
La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Darjeeling TGFOP
Darjeeling TGFOP
'Champagne' of black teas
Solely hand plucked it is regarded as the “champagne” among black teas. Darjeeling comes from the homonymous region in West Bengal, India, at the Himalayan foothills. Literally meaning “Land of the thunderbolts”, legends say to be originated from the sceptre of Indra, God of rain. The letters tgfop state a top grade with apical buds, the most prized part of the tea plant. The infusion is slightly astringent with rich aroma of spices and muscatel grapes.
100G Tin
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La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Yin Zhen
Yin Zhen
'Silver needles'
Chinese white tea Yin Zhen or, literally, “Silver Needles” is one of the rarest and most precious tea in the world. Produced in Fujian in a very limited area, it consists of the only perfect early spring buds, still covered with a white downy hairs. Once beverage solely suitable to Emperors – whose symbol was the Phoenix, the legendary bird that is cyclically reborn – gives a clear and mellow infusion with flowery aroma and long lasting sugary aftertaste.
100G Tin
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La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Assam TGFOP
'Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe'
The north eastern state of Assam lies on either side of the Brahmaputra River and is still the natural habitat of tigers and elephants and the largest tea producing region in the world. Assam TGFOP black tea yields a red orange infusion with aromatic notes of malt and tobacco. The strong taste makes it the perfect tea for breakfast, both sweet and savoury and can be enjoyed with a dash of milk and sugar. TGFOP means Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.
100G Tin
€14.50 Qty.
La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Special Jasmine
Special Jasmine
'Fresh and brisk'
Jasmine tea is a specialty originating in Fujian Province in China, made by blending fresh flowers with the green tea leaves. The tea – hygroscopic – naturally absorbs the scent of the flowers and yields an infusion fresh and brisk, with a long lasting floral aftertaste. Appreciated all over the world, Jasmine tea is also excellent iced and wonderfully accompanies fish dishes, chicken, steamed vegetables and rice, as well as cookies and desserts.
100G Tin
€14.50 Qty.
La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Lung Ching
Lung Ching
'Dragon’s Well'
One of the famous “Ten Teas” of China, Lung Ching or Longjing green tea is produced in Zhejiang province, in the area of the magnificent West Lake. The name, meaning Dragon’s Well refers to a local legend talking of a long drought and a benevolent dragon. The tea was granted imperial status in the 17th century. Processing is still done by hand and tea is carefully pan-fired in woks. The flavour is extremely soft, with a full aroma with chestnut notes.
100G Tin
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La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Special Oolong
Special Oolong
'Black Dragon'
Special Oolong or Wu Long, literally Black Dragon, is a semi-oxidized tea – an intermediate category between green and black tea – produced mainly in Fujian, China. Much appreciated for the remarkable, vegetal aroma and the harmonious and slightly fruity taste as well as for the fairly modest caffeine content. Oolong teas are traditionally prepared in China using the Gonfu Cha method and repeated infusions on the same leaves.
100G Tin
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La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Pu Erh
Pu erh
'Road of tea and horses'
Once transported overland through the so-called “Road of tea and horses”, Pu Erh tea is a specialty originating in Yunnan, China. It undergoes a unique manufacturing process, a prolonged microbial fermentation that gives the full and sweetish flavour and the distinctive fragrance of underbrush. Great accompaniment to charcuterie and cheeses, it is highly reputed in China for its health benefits.
100G Tin
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La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Keemun
'Burgundy' of teas
One of the best Chinese black tea, Keemun is produced in Anhui Province, famous for bamboo forests and the mild and humid climate. It was a civil servant suddenly unemployed, Yu Quianchen, to fine-tune the process in 1875. Valued for the distinctive floral aroma reminiscent of rose and orchid, Keemun produced a soft, slightly astringent red infusion, with notes of cocoa and a fruity flavour that makes it referred to as the “Burgundy” of teas
100G Tin
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La Via del Te - Le Grandi Range - Lapsang Souchong
Lapsang Souchong
Tea from the Fujian province
Lapsang Souchong is one of the most popular black tea produced in Fujian province in China and probably one of the oldest. The distinctive smoky character is obtained from a still artisan drying process of the tea leaves over burning pine firewood. The flavour is rich and full-bodied, not very much astringent. Pair it with cheeses, smoked salmon, charcuterie and let it becomes a surprising ingredient in risottos, sauces, roasts.
100G Tin
€14.90 Qty.
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