Mac Namee's Tea

About Mac Namee's Tea

"We are a small family business who prepare teas in the traditional artisan way."

Our teas are carefully selected from tea gardens all over the world, blended and then packed here in Skerries Co. Dublin. We don’t nor do our supply partners use chemicals or artificial flavourings in our teas. We run our business holistically taking social, economic and environmental impacts into consideration.

Our skilled team pack in small batches by hand every couple of days, we enjoy what we do and have a passion for tea. We love the aromas and scents and of course the best part is we get to taste them all, so you can be assured our teas will reach you in pristine condition.

Mac Namee's Tea Collection

Our History

In 1998 we started our business mainly focused on coffee, we supplied Catering tea and a basic range of speciality tea bags. Green tea then was not something you would see on a menu regularly. However over the years we stuck at it, supplying our customers with top quality speciality teas.

Recently the demand for speciality teas has increased and the market continues to grow. So, with our love for tea and the desire to further develop our interest in the tea world we started working on Mac Namees tea three years ago, creating a range of the best quality teas available, today we are very happy with progress and most of all the satisfaction of our customers with our product.

We pack in 100g and 50g packs which are suitable for retail sales, bespoke hand made stands and display boxes are provided. We have a large range of accessories including tea pots, cups, caddies, etc... For tea rooms, hotels, cafes and restaurants we can supply in larger packs and you can choose from a selection of over 300 blends. We consider ourselves to be flexible and will always do our best to accommodate any requests you may have, we believe this is our virtue. We are more than happy to help with design ideas, equipment, menus, training etc... please drop us a note if you would like a brochure or any samples.