Wega Atlas Coffee Machines Ireland
Wega Atlas

The Atlas is extremely easy to use, a semi-automatic machine (volumetric control touch pad) strong and robust with a stylish exterior finish. Available in a choice of three colours, red, black and sand and options include a led light to illuminate working area. We have been working with this machine for some time now and find it to be extremely reliable and trouble free. In fact there has been little change in the components used over the years as quite simply it works. However there have been some alterations to the exterior design to keep up with current trends.

Also available in three group version and the compact two group version (see below).

Width: 74cm Depth: 57cm Height: 52cm

Wega Atlas Compact Coffee Machines Ireland
Wega Atlas Compact

The Wega Compact is designed where space is of an optimum; it has all the features of the Atlas housed in a smaller chassis. Available in two group version with three colour option.

Width: 53cm Depth: 57cm Height: 52cm

Wega Orion Coffee Machines Ireland
Wega Orion

This machine is part of the entry level category but in fact it has all the characteristics of the Atlas. Orion is the right product for those who need high performance at the right price.

EVD - Electronic version fitted with a built in microprocessor controlling all operations and providing volumetric dosages for coffee brewing, the automatic programming of four different doses, two stainless steel wands, one manual hot water tap, automatic water refill and built in volumetric pump as stand

Width: 72cm Depth: 53cm Height: 51cm

Wega Mini Nova Coffee Machines Ireland
Wega Mini Nova

The Mini Nova is the perfect machine for lower volume applications or for the sophisticated espresso drinker at home. This is a small, sleek looking machine, perfect for behind the bar in small cafes or at the server’s station.

The automatic EVD version comes with volume tricrotary vane pump or vibrating pump with a 1.5 ltr reservoir for pour over option. All options come with manual dispense button, hot water tap, and one steam wand and four programmable doses for the group.

Width: 33.5cm Depth: 45.5cm Height: 42.5cm

Carimali Mya Machine
Carimali Mya Machine

Brand new carimali machine, extremely compact, reliable and completely automatic.  Available in white or black with lM configuration with automatic milk frother to provide fresh milk and 1 coffee hopper.  (capacity 1.3kg) User friendly interface is defined by rgb display and eight easily selected buttons. Ideal for locations with large coffee consumption, who want to ensure high quality standards and execellant coffee results in a limited space. 

Width: 290mm Depth: 564mm Height: 814mm

Carimali Milk Fridge
Carimali Milk Fridge

Milk fridge to keep milk at correct temperature.

Capacity 4.5l (1 gal)

Width: 215mm Depth: 420mm Height: 584mm

Office / Domestic

Flexy SGL
Flexy SGL

The flexy sgl is a gem of a machine with compact dimensions of just 12 cm in width. Perfect for use with our l’espresso capsules. (see below) and available in a variety of colours.

l'espresso Capsules
l'espresso Capsules

L’espresso capsules have been blended in accordance to age old italian traditions by Caffe trombetta ensuring high quality taste and aroma with each cup. They are compatible with most capsule machines on the market today (Nespresso, Pixie, Citiz)

And are available in three blends: 100% Arabica, Piu Crema, and Decaff.

Individually wrapped in a box of 10.


Espresso del Capitano
Espresso del Capitano

Semi automatic machine with aluminium leaver, 1 litre water tank with steam wand. Perfect with our caffe trombetta 7 gramme capsules (see below)


Caffe Trombetta Oro Capsules
Caffe Trombetta Oro Capsules

For use with the Espresso del Capitani machine, an intensely creamy coffee with a smooth aromatic taste rich in flavour.